Doubly detailed feature surveys, with half the time on site

frustrated land surveyor

Feature surveys set the scene for every architecture and property development project.  The pressure is on land surveyors to provide comprehensive site information so the developer can evaluate the site’s potential and so designers and planners can do their work efficiently and effectively. Delays to the project add costs to the project and therefore decrease […]

How 3D street scans allow signage contractors to win more business

street 3d scans for shopfitters and signage

If you’re a signwriter or retail contractor, then you’ll know that time is money. The faster you can quote a job and get on the tools, the more business you’ll be able to win. LARKI is the perfect partner for shopfitters to get your site measurements,  without wasting time onsite in person, especially when it […]

No need to sit on the fence!  Plan your fence build from your computer

dont sit on the fence larki 3d surveys

Need to build a new front fence? As a homeowner or fence contractor, you can measure the siting of your fence from your computer. Instead of traveling to site in-person, use a Streetscape 3D Point Cloud on the LARKI Platform web app to do your measure-ups. With the severity of the weather (e.g. the drenching […]