LARKI delivers 
 exceptionally detailed 
 3D surveys 
 so you can 
 design with confidence. 

 Turn reality into 3D point clouds 
  • get millions of site data points 
  • from insured experts 
  • easy in your software 
 plus other land surveying 

For Any Site

Is your site
important to you?


Trust the experts for all the site info needed for design & approval.


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Are 2D survey
drawings unclear?


The world is 3D, intuitively understand with 3D models.           


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Got site


Capture branches, frames, rocks, heritage, decoration, etc.             


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For Property Owners & Developers

Keen to make the
most of your space?


Make your design fit perfectly. Use every inch of your site.          


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Nervous about


De-risk with accurate surveys from insured surveyors.



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Losing time &
holding costs?


Quick understanding equals quick decisions. Communication is key.       


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For Architects & Building Designers

Sick of missing land
survey info?


Highly detailed land surveys prevent multiple site visits.



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Uneasy about


Surveyors take on site context risk, so you can focus on design.


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Wasting time with


Speed up with 3D reference point clouds or BIMs.



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"LARKI 3D surveys really saved us time. All the necessary information was collected in great detail, allowing us to work with confidence and avoid having to return to the site to re-measure. LARKI 3D surveys is really a game changer."

Petar Petrov
Director - Petroff Architecture

"LARKI's work on Nightingale Village has been exceptional!... So good to see an entrepreneurial architect see a problem in our industry, design a solution, then roll that solution out as a smart new product tailored specifically for us."

Jeremy McLeod
Director - Breathe Architecture
Co-founder - Nightingale Housing

"LARKI has allowed us to design with certainty and precision around existing conditions. We see their 3D point clouds as essential tools in any architecture workflow. Moving from 2D surveys to point cloud files feels like the step from 2D CAD to 3D BIM modelling."

James Murray
Director - Tandem Architecture


Top image is an edited version of photography by Peter Clarke showing the Bayside Residence by Hayball architects.

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