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As an architect, building designer, engineer, landscape architect…

Keen to make the most of your project site? Make your design fit perfectly. Use every inch of your site.

Nervous about errors? De-risk with accurate surveys from insured experts.

Losing time and holding costs? Quick understanding equals quick decisions. Communication is key.

LARKI provides a wide range of accurate laser 3D scanning and BIM services to architects, building designers, drafties and large firms alike with high definition 3D files for detailed site records. LARKI provide all your pre-design site information, in the form of 3D point clouds, 3D BIM as well as 2D CAD for easy use in Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks or even AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, SketchUp and more.

With access to more accurate geographic and built feature information from laser scan surveys upfront, architects and building designers can create existing conditions or as-built modelling with reduced risk of missed features or errors. Scanned data of natural and architectural development existing features such as trees, rocks, cliffs, curbs, powerlines, heritage detail, decorations, window frames, downlights, and just about anything that is visible to the eye can be seen and measured in great detail and accuracy.

With a professionally created 3D data point cloud, architects can rapidly view, measure, assess and address any formal, mechanical, structural, electrical or landscape issue during the schematic design phase and beyond. The high precision of rotating laser scans not only eliminates multiple return trips back and forth from the job site for measure-ups, but it also allows architects to work remotely, safely and without excessive paperwork or physical documentation.


As a property developer, property owner, project manager, facility manager, planner…

Got site complexity? Capture branches, frames, rocks, heritage, decoration, and anything else visible.

Is your site important to you? Trust the experts for all the site info needed for design and approval.

Are 2D survey drawings unclear? The world is 3D, intuitively understand with 3D models.

Using advanced equipment for 3D building measurement and laser scan surveys, we can do reality capture of your existing structure’s interior and exterior as it currently stands. Once accurate site and building data collection has been completed, it can then be used to speed up and make more accurate architectural design, planning permit / development approvals, asset registers, facility management, and building maintenance requirements.

Our modelling BIM services provide accurate 3D modelling and quality management for all stakeholders during the pre-design, design and planning process, which can help reduce costly mistakes and vastly improve communication. We can provide tripod based terrestrial laser scanning or other 3D data capture for hard-to-access locations like busy streets or roofs, to provide comprehensive documentation and superior quality digital visualisations for the existing condition of your building and surrounding property.

For building construction which requires infill, retrofit, remodelling or extension to an existing structure, data point clouds acquired from our laser scan survey will allow for precise design and development, enabling harmonious fitting and realisation of your design ideas. Laser scanning surveys from LARKI will provide property developers and property owners alike with access to a complex, precise 3D geometry of their site in high resolution.

3D Surveys to help you understand your site’s existing conditions from the comfort of your desk.

Are you FRUSTRATED by:

Well please read on… LARKI can help remove the above pains with: 3D Data (LiDAR), the Platform online software (SaaS) and other services like 2D feature plans and existing condition models (BIM).   & !


Get the following 3D laser scanned data for your project now.

(So you don’t need to waste time with in-person site measure-ups, trying to understand 2D surveys, counting bricks to estimate heights, or guess-timating from photos?!)

Aerial point cloud image
Broad context of your neighbourhood from above

Medium resolution, colourised 3D point cloud data, captured from a plane. Great for:

Front facades and features from the street

Medium resolution, colourised 3D point cloud data, captured from a car. Great for:

Streetscape point cloud image
Combine 3D point clouds for a more comprehensive view

Stronger together. Aligned 3D point clouds. Great for:

Affordable. Convenient. Fast.

Order, pay for and download 3D Aerial & Streetscape Point Cloud data online today. 

Starting from $165, delivered within hours.


This is a recurring membership (SaaS) to give you discounts on your data, help you to order data, track progress, manage files, share, measure and view all from your web browser, anytime, anywhere.

Length and area measurements made easy

High resolution 2D aerial imagery, captured from a plane. Great for:

Navigate, view and measure in 3D online

3D point clouds and existing conditions Building Information Models (BIM).

Easily manage your site context files

An activity timeline and file sharing product, specific to your project. 


Not seeing what you need?

We can also provide 3D Tripod & Drone Point Clouds, Building Information Models (BIM), 2D Feature Plans,
2D Title Re-establishments, 3D Planning Envelopes and more. 

Our customers' secret weapon

3D Survey data, software and services to save your project time and money and reduce risk.

Join thousands of property professionals leveraging the power of 3D point cloud data.

A new way to survey

3D point clouds and existing condition BIM so you can focus on design and making great architecture.

3D laser scanning (LiDAR) has been changing the surveying industry over a decade and is now an integral component of engineering surveying, architecture, and construction.

The versatility of these innovative technologies captures a more comprehensive amount of data and much faster than traditional survey solutions and survey methods, especially within detailed and complex environments.

At LARKI, our portable laser scan survey equipment, as well as industry leading software and data partners, allow us to quickly provide measurements of the existing conditions of architectural project sites such as natural features (like trees), complex structures (like powerlines) and building construction sites with unprecedented high detail and accuracy.

Like a combination of optical measurement and digital photography, 3D laser scans provide fast and precise digital mapping of any visible form to create a high definition visualisation in three dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The output file of the 3D laser scanners are 3D point clouds which can be downloaded into architectural software to reduce time wasted with CAD drafting and Building Information Models (BIM). The point clouds can also be viewed in LARKI’s 3D Viewer Web App on your internet browser so you can navigate around your site and take measurements without ever leaving your home or office.

Point clouds are a new way to communicate what is on real world architectural sites, translated into high resolution 3D on your computer. Point clouds are made up of millions of XYZ coordinates and RGB colour values, combined to give a 3D representation of reality – like a 3D version of a pixelated/grainy photo. Point clouds contain spatial data about an area, such as the 3D street, footpath, and building facades.

Point clouds are mainly the output of a 3D laser scanner (LiDAR) but can also be converted from photogrammetry (3D model generated from a series of 2D photographs).

LiDAR laser scanning systems work by measuring the time infrared light waves take to reflect off a solid surface. A single scan only takes a few minutes to record millions of 3D data points that can be geo-positioned as 3D coordinates to Map Grid of Australia (MGA) and Australian Height Datum (AHD) for use in architectural design and for other built environment purposes.

Once all the point cloud data points has been captured and processed, they are stored in a comprehensive digital database to be used on-demand for quick, easy to use and affordable spatial data management in the cloud. For most urban and suburban sites in Australia LARKI can provide spatial information within hours. If LARKI cannot provide the data immediately, then a LARKI Melbourne or LARKI Sydney survey team is sent out to your site to do the data capture within weeks. This means you get the most precise site date available to save time for any architecture design, urban design and urban planning project.

While traditional feature surveys only allow architects, property developers and planners to interpret low detail diagrammatic plan drawings, the latest in point cloud and 3D Viewer Web App technology means any stakeholder can view and measure the site data virtually, remotely and safely without needing to go to the architecture project site in person.

These point cloud files can also be downloaded and imported into 2D CAD drafting software such as as AutoCAD and, MicroStation or 3D surface modelers like SKtechUp (with a plug in) or Rhinoceros. However, point cloud are most powerful in BIM tools such as Revit, ArchiCAD and Vectorworks where you can produce 2D schematic plans, elevations, sections and a 3D model simultaneously with ease. Point clouds in CAD and BIM speed up and make more detailed and accurate architectural drafting and modeling.

Highly detailed 3D point cloud surveys are the only way to accurately represent the project site existing conditions. For example, walls are never perfectly straight nor plumb, so imagine putting in a $50,000 cabinetry package that needs millimeter precision into a tight and wonky stone wall space, very difficult. Unless you get LARKI’s super accurate 3D documentation of the space you are designing for. LARKI’s 3D surveys enable you to design and build with confidence and precision, so every inch of space can be efficiently used.

Compared to traditional 2D surveys, LARKI’s 3D surveys are far more reliable. The small amount of site data points in traditional 2D surveys always miss critical information, such as a bowed wall, rock faces or intricate details, which can result in costly consequences. The traditional 2D straight lines joining the site data points are only approximations so are often wrong. On the other hand, LARKI’s point cloud files reduces costly errors and omissions because of the large amount of precise information. LARKI surveys consist of millions of points in 3D, at 20mm resolution, and are certified by expert land surveyors, backed with their insurance, so you can be confident in LARKI’s information. LARKI’s 3D point cloud surveys are the most precise source of site information available.

LARKI’s 3D survey files are the fastest way to get high detail surveys. Architects will be able to work much quicker as they don’t need to do the context modelling anymore and have all the information they need saving multiple site measure-ups. LARKI surveys are also cheaper than going direct to land surveyors. LARKI speak both architecture and surveying language so going through LARKI will speed up site information collection process, making it easier for you and your design team. Most importantly, authorities and neighbours will be able to understand LARKI’s intuitive 3D models much easily than drawings and reports, so you can speed up your permit assessments!

LARKI’s 3D point cloud surveys are exceptionally detailed, with the ability to capture every tree branch, power line, etc. through millions of site data points transferred into architect’s design software. LARKI’s 3D point cloud resolution and accuracy between 1mm and 20mm, means you will never have to send someone back out to site for additional measurements ever again. With LARKI’s point clouds in your design software, you can do very accurate modelling, dimensioning and site interrogation without having to leave you office.

LARKI’s 3D point clouds consist of millions of site data points, at 1mm to 20mm point spacing, certified by land surveyors, backed with their insurance, so you can design with confidence and precision. Traditional 2D surveys estimate elements with straight lines between scarce survey points so are more inaccurate than accurate. Instead, LARKI provide 3D point clouds so you know exactly where everything is on site. LARKI surveys are positioned to Australian Height Datum (AHD) and truncated Map Grid of Australia (MGA), which helps with site setout and consultant coordination. All the millions of points representing an element on site, can be snapped on to provide you with accurate heights and distance from other elements. LARKI surveyors take on site context accuracy risk, so you can focus on design with a peace-of-mind that your design will work on site.

LARKI’s 3D survey files will be transferred immediately (like how fast is your internet download) or within 2 weeks if we don’t have the data. Once you have the survey file it can be imported straight into your design software (e.g. Revit, ArchiCAD, Vertorworks, AECOSim, even good old AutoCAD) so you can work in 3D instantly! No further information interpretation or modelling is required. Once the point cloud is in your software you can cut plans, elevation, sections, 3D view with a few clicks of a mouse saving you days or weeks of drawing. LARKI’s exceptionally detailed 3D models can be easily understood by anyone, which equals quick decisions, and therefore quicker planning approvals!

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Why choose LARKI

As a trusted 3D data, software and service provider, the LARKI team provides our customers with the most innovative and advanced detailed and accurate alternatives to traditional surveying methods of architectural sites. We provide our 3D scanning service and 3D survey data to architects and property developers in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, for projects ranging from infill, retrofit, heritage, alterations and additions, extensions, new houses, townhouses and apartments, to commercial buildings, towers, hospitality, retail, government buildings, churches, schools and universities.

Our pre-design experts composed of architects, surveyors and software engineers have specialist knowledge and experience with terrestrial laser scan surveys (LiDAR), drone data capture, 3D modelling, BIM and drafting as well as producing digital platforms (SaaS) and automations to make it easy for you to get the critical site information you need. Whether you’re working on a new construction job, you’re extending your offices, or renovating your home, LARKI can provide the most advanced laser scanning technology for your next project.

Because we use 3D scanning technology and have a demonstrated history of quick and accurate 3D surveys, you can rest assured knowing that our 3D scans are as precise as possible. From the initial design stage right up to the final inspection and maintenance, we provide a wide variety of professional scanning solutions for architectural projects and 3D mapping including terrestrial laser scanning, mobile laser scanning, aerial LiDAR surveys and drone services.

Our world is in three dimensions, which is why we use 3D scanner technology to provide you with easy access to intuitive 3D modelling. If you want to ensure your design fits perfectly on your site, you can trust our pre-design experts to deliver a complete product with all the land survey site information you’ll need.

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Join thousands of built-environment professionals and stay up-to-date with the latest in pre-design 3D technology, helping you save project time, save project money, and reduce risk.

Mailing list

Join thousands of built-environment professionals and stay up-to-date with the latest in pre-design 3D technology, helping you save project time, save project money, and reduce risk.