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Invest in 3D Scans For Superior Survey Results


more measurable points

compared to 2D surveys


less time on site

compared to 2D surveys


more cost-effective overall

compared to 2D surveys


3D Laser Scanning

LARKI provides a range of industry leading interior and exterior 3D scanning solutions to architects, designers, builders and developers.

Interior Tripod 3D Scans

Understand internal spaces remotely, in great detail and accuracy. Get colourised 3D Point Cloud data, captured from mm accurate terrestrial laser scanners.

Exterior Tripod 3D Scans

See your property remotely, in great detail and accuracy, from eye level. Get colourised 3D Point Cloud data, captured from mm accurate terrestrial laser scanners.

Drone 3D Scans

Get an up-to-date, spatial understanding of your property as seen from above. This is high-resolution, colourised 3D Point Cloud data, captured from a LiDAR drone.
3D BIM Models

LARKI offers accurate and affordable 3D BIM modelling of existing interiors and exterior spaces.

BIM Exterior

An extraction of the main features from the exterior 3D point cloud, to provide a best-fit BIM model of visible exterior elements including roofs, columns, windows & doors + more.

BIM Terrain

An extraction of the main features from the 3D point cloud, this file is a basic best-fit model of the visible topographic surface only, optimised for your BIM.

BIM Interior

An extraction of the main features from the interior 3D point cloud, to provide a best-fit BIM model of interior elements including ceilings, columns, windows & doors + more.

2D Plans

LARKI can draft professional 2D survey plans of exterior and interior spaces using the highly accurate point clouds and BIM file.

Exterior 2D Plans

An extraction of the main features from the exterior point cloud and BIM, this file is a basic best-fit plan drawing, at 1:100 scale.

Interior 2D Plans

An extraction of the main features from the interior point cloud and BIM, this file is a basic best-fit plan drawing, at 1:100 scale.

Switch to 3D Surveys and Save Thousands

3D Point Clouds provided by LARKI will mean all your projects' consultants and trades shouldn't need to do multiple site measure-ups, or deal with missing dimensions and inaccurate 2D surveys. Getting 3D laser scans from LARKI help to avoid costly rework and frustrating delays. For example, eliminate Requests For Information (RFIs) about heights and setbacks of existing conditions.

Put in your your project areas, an estimate of the amount of times you and the project team go to site to get site measurements, and the time it takes to get to site in the calculator below, to see the cost savings from using LARKI 3D scans:

Cost Calculator

Input your project details:

1,500 m²


Total Savings:


Based on the information you provided we estimate that you will be saving this approximate amount.















Disclaimer: These are approximate estimates for small projects in Australia for information about potential cost benefits of 3D surveys only. This is not a quote. For 3D scanning, existing condition 3D modelling and land survey quotes in Australia please visit, email, or call 1800 3D SCAN.

Maximise your Profits and Performance

Invest 3D to save thousands of dollars by reducing measure-ups, travel time and rework


No Measure-ups

High-res 3D point clouds removes the need for in-person measure-ups


Less Travel

Reduce the number of site visits required to understand the site and surrounds


Reduce Rework

Design and build correctly the first time with the best data possible

LARKI’s 3D Survey Data Integrates Well With Leading BIM & CAD Tools

LARKI is Partnering with AEC Industry Professionals

Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals across Australia are partnering with LARKI to access better 3D LiDAR scanning and BIM solutions.


Architects / Designers

Property Developers

Property Developers / Planners

Builders Trades

Builders / Trades

Structural Traffic Engineers.jpg

Structural / Traffic Engineers

Project Managers

Project Managers

Owners : Facility Managers

Asset Owners / Facility Managers

Partner with LARKI in 3 Easy Steps

Capturing 3D spatial data for your next project is easy with LARKI


Book Your First Scan

Start by requesting a free scan quote for your next project. We provide same day quotes for a range of external and internal 3D data capture services.


We scan the site

A LARKI 3D scanner will travel to your project site and capture spatial data, like a high tech measure-up. This data is cleaned and uploaded to your LARKI dashboard for access.


Order BIM and 2D Plans

Easily access your 3D files in the LARKI dashboard. Here you can view, measure, manage and share 3D data and order BIM models and 2D plans for design or council approval.

Have questions? Call us anytime on 1800 337 226

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Download High-Res 3D for your Project
Convenient 3D Data & Tools on the Web
LARKI’s Platform provides easy access to a range of useful 2D, file management and 3D tools online to enable better site
understanding for better design and construction results

Streetscape 3D

Front facades and features
seen from the street

Aerial 3D

Broad context of your
neighbourhood from above

3D Photo Mesh

Photogrammetry surface
model great for rendering


Seperate the 3D Point Clouds
into layers to turn on and off


Manage all your projects
from the one place

High-Res 2D Map

HD aerial imagery with lot
size, length and area tools

File Manager

Upload, download, share files
and track project activity

3D Viewer

Crop, section, navigate and
measure in high-res 3D

Download, Share & Measure 3D Data Online
LARKI’s new all-in-one spatial digital twin platform (BETA) provides architects, developers and builders with a complete range of
rich data on demand and services, from a single dashboard – from your computer or smart-phone web browser.

Book a Free Discovery Call with a LARKI 3D Solutions Specialist

Our 3D Solutions team are ready and waiting to give expert

advice on anything relating to 3D scanning, lidar, BIM and 2D survey plans.

Join Hundreds of Tech Savvy AEC Professionals Who've Chosen LARKI As Their Go-To for 3D Scanning and BIM.

Charlie Peck

Brookfield Properties, NSW


“LARKI 3D surveys really saved us time.
All the necessary information was
collected in great detail, allowing us to
work with confidence and avoid having to
return to the site to re-measure. LARKI 3D surveys is really a game changer.”

“LARKI has allowed us to design with certainty and precision around existing conditions. We see their 3D point clouds as essential tools in any architecture workflow. Moving from 2D surveys to point cloud files feels like the step from 2D CAD to 3D BIM modelling.”
“You know what’s fantastic about a point cloud scan that you can’t get from a normal survey is that you can continually go back. The point cloud allows me to remember the condition of something, and allows me to revisit it.”
“I’m converted! Literally saved us days of our time. Plus, I checked LARKI’s 3D point cloud survey against a traditional 2D survey – LARKI’s file was more accurate by 105mm. I will be using LARKI’s 3D point cloud surveys on every job from now on…God sent!”

Make LARKI your go-to choice for 3D laser scanning services - covering all major Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Why Choose LARKI as Your 3D Scanning Partner?

As a trusted 3D data, software and service provider, the LARKI team provides our customers with the most innovative and advanced detailed and accurate alternatives to traditional surveying methods of architectural sites. We provide our 3D scanning service and 3D survey data to architects and property developers in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, for projects ranging from infill, retrofit, heritage, alterations and additions, extensions, new houses, townhouses and apartments, to commercial buildings, towers, hospitality, retail, government buildings, churches, schools and universities.

Key Advantages of Choosing LARKI:

Expert Pre-Design Team: Our team comprises architects, surveyors, and software engineers with specialised knowledge of reality capture including terrestrial laser scan surveys (LiDAR), drone data capture, 3D modelling, 3D photo mesh, BIM, feature survey and drafting.

They are dedicated to providing you with the critical site information you need for seamless project execution.

Comprehensive Scanning Services: From pre-design to final inspection and maintenance, LARKI offers a wide range of professional scanning solutions, including terrestrial laser scanning, mobile laser scanning, aerial LiDAR surveys, and drone services. Be it for scanning to see sewer, stormwater and other pipes in trenches before the slab goes down, then scan again for slab flatness assessments, then a rough-in scan to see water, and conduits in the frame before sheets go on, to do ceiling scans to see MEP including ductwork, and as built scans at the end of the project for facility management.

Quick and Accurate 3D Surveys: With a proven track record of delivering quick and precise 3D surveys, LARKI ensures that your projects are executed with the highest level of precision, from the initial design stage to the final implementation.

Our 3D Technology: Bringing Your Projects to Life

3D Scanning Technology:

LARKI utilises state-of-the-art 3D laser scan and photogrammetry technology, allowing you easy access to intuitive 3D modelling. Our scans ensure that your designs seamlessly integrate with your project design workflow, offering high resolution, precision and accuracy throughout every stage of your project.

Specialized Applications:

Whether you are embarking on a new construction, expanding your offices, or renovating your home, LARKI’s pre-design experts have the expertise to cater to diverse architectural needs. We specialise in infill projects, retrofitting, heritage preservation, complex structures, powerlines, trees, rocks, alterations, additions, new builds, and various commercial endeavours.

Spatial Data Solutions:

From terrestrial laser scanning to mobile laser scanning, drone laser scanning and plane captured laser scanning, as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM) of existing conditions, our spatial data solutions cover a spectrum of applications from design, engineering and city modelling. We provide digital platforms (SaaS) and automations that simplify the acquisition of critical site information, ensuring a seamless integration in your 3D CAD or BIM workflow for your project.

Trust in Precision, Trust in LARKI

With our commitment to utilising advanced building scanning technology and a dedicated team of professionals, LARKI ensures that your 3D scans are not only highly detailed but also meet the highest standards of accuracy. Our comprehensive approach spans the entire project lifecycle, providing you with the support and data you need at every step.

3D Scanning Service Areas: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

LARKI proudly serves the vibrant cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, bringing our expertise in 3D laser scanning, 3D surveying, and Lidar scanning to your doorstep. Whether you are after a spatial digital twin, 3D point cloud, 3D photo-textured mesh, massing study, LARKI has a 3D solution for you. Contact us today to discuss how LARKI can elevate your architectural projects with precision and innovation. We’re now also extending our services to the other Australian cities including Perth, Adelaide and other regional cities around Australia.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Architectural Projects with LARKI

In a world defined by three dimensions, LARKI ensures that your architectural visions come to life with precision and accuracy. Trust in our 3D scanning services, 3D surveying, BIM and drafting services to deliver the comprehensive data you need for more successful project outcomes.

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