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Refer LARKI 3D Surveys to your friends, colleagues or anyone you think could benefit, by filling in as many email addresses as you like. When someone you refer becomes a new paying LARKI customer, then we will send you a A$50 e-Money card.

LARKI’s 3D survey Data, Services and Platform are perfect for architects, property developers, builders, planners, renovators, surveyors and anyone who wants 3D laser scans (point clouds), existing condition models (BIM) and measurements of architecture project sites.

Here are the top 7 reasons why to choose LARKI:

  1. Can save you or the project turnaround time days/week/months.
  2. Saving project time also means saving thousands of dollars off the project bottom line.
  3. No need to for you to do measure-ups in person, view and measure online on the LARKI web app or download 3D buildings, streets or neighbourhoods within minutes/hours.
  4. We use 3D scanner technology to provide you with easy access to intuitive 3D (e.g. Point Clouds and 3D Building Information Models).
  5. We can provide Aerial 3D Point Clouds or Streetscape 3D Point Clouds which contain millions of data points for
    low prices starting at $165. 
  6. The ease and detail of 3D Point Cloud data can make all the difference to your project’s financial success by opening up the potential for another room, an extra apartment, or even a whole additional floor level.  
  7. Files can be used online or easily downloaded to use in your 3D architectural software and turbo boost your project’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Terms and Conditions

By participating in this Referral Promotion and to be eligible for the AUD$50 e-Money card, you (the Referrer) and the person being referred agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. LARKI’s Customer Terms & Conditions
  2. The terms & conditions of our e-Money card provider, such as Terms of Sale from True Rewards.
  3. The Referrer must refer someone who has not made any purchases through LARKI previously and who makes their first purchase through the LARKI.
  4. The person referred must make their first purchase after being referred, via the LARKI web app at https://app.larki.com.au/order, using the self-service option.
  5. The email address of the person who got referred and the email address ofthe  person that made their first payment at LARKI need to match.
  6. The  AUD$50 e-Money card offer will expire at the end of 1 year from issue.

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