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The Seidler Group, Seidler family home nominated Top 10 on Adobe TV’s ‘Best Houses Australia’.

Seidler Group is a fully integrated design and construction company committed to perfecting the lifestyles of tomorrow. Renowned for excellence in the luxury home market, we bring together innovation, technology, and uncompromising craftsmanship to enhance the lifestyle you envision, with a keen focus on the future.

Our mission is to achieve flawless results through a masterful blend of design brilliance and construction excellence. We offer a comprehensive design-build service that seamlessly integrates every aspect of interior design, landscaping, and recreational amenities to form a harmonious, functional family living centre. Our commitment to personalised service and meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a progressive drive to turn dreams into reality, are hallmarks of our unique approach.

At Seidler Group, our vision extends beyond individual projects. We aim to inspire both our clients and the broader design industry by continually developing innovative techniques and setting new benchmarks in design and construction. Our goal is to stand apart in our field, fuelling a modern movement and a forward trajectory for Seidler Group. Join us as we build not just homes, but lifestyles that define the future.


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L22 / 120 Spencer St,
Melbourne, Vic, Aust 3000


L2 / 11 York St,
Sydney, NSW, Aust 2000

+61 2 7252 4300

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