Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

1. Can LARKI do high quality surveying on any site?

Yes. LARKI can currently do 3D scanning and 2D title re-establishment surveying in any city, suburban area, and regional town in Australia, as well as Christchurch in New Zealand and Jakarta in Indonesia. The LARKI team is made up of architecture and land surveying experts who assess the quality of each survey before you see it, to make sure you get exactly what you need, regardless of the data capture team used. 3D scanning can pick up everything that is seen, so you can see and measure your site in great detail on your computer. This is super handy if you have a job that is a large distance from you, as you won’t need to go back to site for more information, LARKI will give you all information than you need the first time.

2. How do I get site information from the 3D survey?

LARKI site surveys are comprised of millions of data points in 3D called a ‘point cloud’. Each point in the LARKI point cloud has a X, Y and Z co-ordinate positioned to Australian Height Datum (AHD) and Map Grid of Australia (MGA). Architects import the point cloud into their design software (Revit, ArchiCAD, etc.) to easily view plans, sections, elevations, and 3D perspectives. Point clouds are dimension-able so you will know the height and widths with great accuracy. LARKI 3D surveys are easy to use and understand for you to get a precisely interrogate the existing built and natural environment.

3. What is the main difference between traditional surveys and LARKI?

LARKI surveys are exceptionally detail 3D files. We live in a 3D world so everyone intuitively understands 3D easier than 2D drawings or written descriptions. LARKI’s 3D point cloud surveys are made up of millions of site data points with amazing realism. They are captured from a 3D laser scanner. Whereas, traditional 2D surveys only have about 100 site data points, then humans join the dots with assumed (but often inaccurate) straight lines. There is not enough room on plans to portray all the elevation detail on 2D drawings, so bits are left off. Instead, LARKI’s 3D point clouds show precise detail; including windows, frames, gutters, roof fall, wonky walls, powerlines, brick grout line, heritage features, ornate decorations, tree branches, etc, etc. etc.

Property Owner and Developer Questions

4. How do I ensure that our expensive designs fit our site?

Highly detailed 3D point cloud surveys are the only way to accurately represent the project site existing conditions. For example, walls are never perfectly straight nor plumb, so imagine putting in a $50,000 cabinetry package that needs millimeter precision into a tight and wonky stone wall space, very difficult. Unless you get LARKI’s super accurate 3D documentation of the space you are designing for. LARKI’s 3D surveys enable you to design and build with confidence and precision, so every inch of space can be efficiently used.

5. What happens if there are errors or omissions?

Compared to traditional 2D surveys, LARKI’s 3D surveys are far more reliable. The small amount of site data points in traditional 2D surveys always miss critical information, such as a bowed wall, rock faces or intricate details, which can result in costly consequences. The traditional 2D straight lines joining the site data points are only approximations so are often wrong. On the other hand, LARKI’s point cloud files reduces costly errors and omissions because of the large amount of precise information. LARKI surveys consist of millions of points in 3D, at 20mm resolution, and are certified by expert land surveyors, backed with their insurance, so you can be confident in LARKI’s information. LARKI’s 3D point cloud surveys are the most precise source of site information available.

6. Will LARKI 3D surveys save time & therefore costs?

Yes. LARKI’s 3D survey files are the fastest way to get high detail surveys. Architects will be able to work much quicker as they don’t need to do the context modelling anymore and have all the information they need saving multiple site measure-ups. LARKI surveys are also cheaper than going direct to land surveyors. LARKI speak both architecture and surveying language so going through LARKI will speed up site information collection process, making it easier for you and your design team. Most importantly, authorities and neighbours will be able to understand LARKI’s intuitive 3D models much easily than drawings and reports, so you can speed up your permit assessments!

Architect and Building Designer Questions

7. Do LARKI surveys capture all the site measurements we need?

Yes. LARKI’s 3D point cloud surveys are exceptionally detailed, with the ability to capture every tree branch, power line, etc. through millions of site data points transferred into architect’s design software. LARKI’s 3D point cloud resolution and accuracy between 1mm and 20mm, means you will never have to send someone back out to site for additional measurements ever again. With LARKI’s point clouds in your design software, you can do very accurate modelling, dimensioning and site interrogation without having to leave you office.

8. Are LARKI surveys more accurate than traditional 2D surveys?

Yes. LARKI’s 3D point clouds consist of millions of site data points, at 1mm to 20mm point spacing, certified by land surveyors, backed with their insurance, so you can design with confidence and precision. Traditional 2D surveys estimate elements with straight lines between scarce survey points so are more inaccurate than accurate. Instead, LARKI provide 3D point clouds so you know exactly where everything is on site. LARKI surveys are positioned to Australian Height Datum (AHD) and truncated Map Grid of Australia (MGA), which helps with site setout and consultant coordination. All the millions of points representing an element on site, can be snapped on to provide you with accurate heights and distance from other elements. LARKI surveyors take on site context accuracy risk, so you can focus on design with a peace-of-mind that your design will work on site.

9. Are LARKI surveys more efficient?

Yes. LARKI’s 3D survey files will be transferred immediately (like how fast is your internet download) or within 2 weeks if we don’t have the data. Once you have the survey file it can be imported straight into your design software (e.g. Revit, ArchiCAD, Vertorworks, AECOSim, even good old AutoCAD) so you can work in 3D instantly! No further information interpretation or modelling is required. Once the point cloud is in your software you can cut plans, elevation, sections, 3D view with a few clicks of a mouse saving you days or weeks of drawing. LARKI’s exceptionally detailed 3D models can be easily understood by anyone, which equals quick decisions, and therefore quicker planning approvals!  

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