Can’t get the site measurements you need now?

With work-from-home a “new normal” and in-person site measurements often too dangerous, remote site measurements are not just convenient … they’re essential.   At LARKI, we believe fast affordable 3D surveys are a game changer for everyone involved in architectural design, property development and urban planning.   Put simply, 3D Aerial and Streetscape Point Clouds provide the […]

Struggling to get detailed site info now for your property development?

Property developers require detailed site information to maximise their site yield or return on investment. Property development is a multi-stage process involving a calculated assessment of risk and return.  Of the many variables that determine the final profit, one of the largest and most important, is what you pay to acquire your development site in […]

LARKI Platform Launch Recap: What you should know

  LARKI recently held a virtual event introducing LARKI’s 3D laser scan data (Point Clouds), high-resolution map ordering interface (High-res 2D Map) and data management platform (Dashboard). If you missed it, you can view the event video online to learn how LARKI is revolutionising spatial information for the architecture industry: LARKI Platform Launch Event Video […]

LARKI Platform Launch Event

LARKI - 3D Survey - Products

Discover a new way to survey. LARKI’s 3D laser scan data, high res map ordering interface and data management platform are revolutionising the architecture and property development industry.